Raw Food Detox

The concept of this diet revolves around four principles. The principles associated include eating raw fruits only, eating raw vegetables only, having enough sunlight, and having enough fresh air to breathe. This diet program lasts a total of 21 days .

This diet program has 70 recipes consisting of various cooked fish, assorted vegetable soups, delectable deserts, and entrees to anticipate. These contain the essential energy that the body requires.

This raw food detoxification program is more on revitaizing and body emphasis. This emphasis can result to having a stronger body that is more attractive both inside and outside. This program type is designed to help individuals forget the eating habits they used to have and to abandon the wrong practices they used to do. This program is known to have a new approach to weight loss, fitness, beauty, and health with every case presented.

This detox program emphasizes on raw food consumption. This involves more juicing with no grilling. For protein, some recipes include some dairy products and fish. However, there is no cooking involved in most of its dishes. Just as the natural hair salon ann arbor is emphasizing in the products they are using, naturals. Also, that salon is also eyelash extensions salon.

The enzymes required during metabolism will be destroyed when cooking is performed at a temperature of above 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Cooking below such temperature will render the food raw and will keep the enzymes necessary when losing weight. Doing such cooking promotes ideal metabolism for the body.

When using this specific diet program, a few golden rules must be followed and these include the following:

  1. Refrain from combining meat, seeds, nuts, fresh fruit, dried fruits, and brown starch in one meal.
  2. The combination of raw vegetables and condiments is allowed however combining fresh fruits with condiments is a no-no.
  3. The enemas are necessary.

To achieve the best result using this raw food diet program, seeds & nuts should be avoided. The primary focus should be on consumption of the foods mentioned below during the program ‘ s 7 to 30-day period.

  • Fresh fruits (with the exception of bananas)
  • Herbal teas
  • Homemade-style, vegetable soups
  • Raw vegetables
  • Culinary herbs
  • Homemade vegetable and fruit juices
  • Raw yoghurt, unsweetened